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Volume 44, 3, 2008 (May June)


Ivasyshyn O. M. and Aleksandrov A. V. Status of the CIS titanium production, research and applications
Paton B. Ye., Tryhub N. P., and Zhuk H. V. Crystallization of titanium ingots during electron-beam melting
Illin A. A., Skvortsova S. V., and Mamonov A. M. Control of titanium alloy structure by the method of thermo-hydrogen treatment
Firstov S. O., Horna I. D., Horpenko K. O., Beha M. D., Koval O. Yu., and Kotko A. V. Structure and physicomechanical properties of eutectic TiSiX alloys
Yaskiv O. I., Pohreliuk I. M., Fedirko V. M., and Proskurniak R.V. Formation of carbo-nitride coatings on titanium by contact and non-contact methods
Ostash O. P., Ivasyshyn A. D., Kulak L. D., and Kuzmenko M. M. The influence of strucure on high-temperature fatigue crack growth resistance of Ti8Al1.4Si2.2Zr alloy
Markovskyi P. Ye., Bondarchuk V. I., and Matviichuk Yu. V. Microtructure and mechaical characteristics of BT1-0 alloy after surface high-speed thermal treatment
Demakov S. L., Komolikova Ye. M., Vodolazskii F. V., and Popov A. A. Diagram of isothermal decay of ?-phase in Ti22Al26Nb0.5Zr0.4Mo alloy
Murzinova M. A. Application of hydrogen treatment for improvement of Ti6.5Al3.5Mo1.7Zr alloy heat-resistance
Polkin I. S., Holubiev S. M., Sniegiriova L. A., Zenin V. A., and Pavlov V. M. Preparation of BT1-0 alloy sticks using the resource-saving cast-free production technology
Ovchinnikov O. V., Shevchenko V. H., and Volchok I. P. Oxygen-alloyed spongy titanium for production of titanium alloys
Nochovnaya N. A., Isaichev A. V., and Antashev V. H. Fundamentals of creation of economically alloyed titanium alloys of wide application
Abolikhina O. V., Antoniuk S. L., and Moliar O. H. Structure, strength and plasticity of industrial semi-products of BT22 titanium alloy
Okhota H. H., Kalakhan O. S., Pokhmurska H. V., and Pokhmurskyi V. I. The influence of ion implantation of nitrogen and boron and also TiN coating on corrosion of BT-6 alloy
Topolskii V. P., Petrychenko I. K., Akhonin S. V. and Mishchenko R. M. Weldability of high-strength T110 titanium alloy
Kyryliv O. V., Nykyforchyn H. M., and Kuzhydlowskii K. Yo. Evaluation of heat-release under mechanical-pulse strengthening of titanium alloys
Lunarska E., Chernyayeva O., and Lisovytskiy D. Hydride formation under cathodic charging of Ti and TiAl based alloys in alkaline solutions
Dekhtiar O. I., Matviichuk M. V., Moiseieva I. V., and Savvakin D. H. ODeformation hardening and fracture of BT6 alloy synthesized by the method of powder metallurgy
Poriadchenko N. Yu., Oryshych I. V., Kuzmenko M. M., Khmeliuk N. D., Holovkova M. Ye., Kulak L. D., and Brodnikovskyi M. P. Peculiarities of oxidation of complex-alloyed titanium alloys in cast and recrystallization states
Yasnii P. V., Hladio V. B., Okipnyi I. B., and Tsyrulnyk O. T. Microstructure and fracture stresses of plastically deformed and hydrogenated heat-resistant 152 steel
Putic S., Rakin M., and Bosnjak S. Application of residual strength degradation model to carbon-epoxy composite
Khoma M. S., Chuchman M. R., Oliinyk H. M., and Lychkovskyi E. I. The analysis of different approaches to study of microelectrochemical heterogeneity of materials
Andreikiv O. Ye., Nazarchuk Z. T., Skalskyi V. R., Rudavskyi D. V., and Serhienko O. M. Stress intensity factors caused by magnetic field in ferromagnets

Revised: 28.02.2009